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Legal & Privacy

This Legal Page sets forth the terms and conditions governing your use of the Charter Worldwide Inc website and the services we offer. Charter Worldwide Inc ("CWI") places the highest value on your privacy and data security while adhering to the strictest compliance standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with Local and International Governments. Charter Worldwide Inc (CWI) is an Air Charter Broker acting as an Indirect Air Carrier to arrange flights on behalf of its clients. All aircraft utilized by Charter Worldwide Inc are operated by properly licensed U.S. and/or foreign Direct Air Carriers who exercise full operational control of the aircraft at all times. Please read this Legal Page carefully to understand our commitments and your rights.

Privacy Notice

CWI is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your personal information and has designed our privacy practices in compliance with Local & International Regulating bodies. This Privacy Notice outlines the collection, use, protection, and disclosure of your data and how it applies to any situation that may arise.

  • Information Collection: CWI does not collect or store IP addresses or online data obtained from third parties. Any personal data provided to CWI is used exclusively for the purpose of providing information related to private air charters or the services we render.

  • Data Usage: Data collected by CWI is employed solely for marketing services and email communications. We ensure the utmost protection and confidentiality of your data and will never sell, trade, or make your data available to any third parties outside of CWI.

  • Air Charter Broker Status: CWI operates as an Air Charter Broker and is not a direct air carrier or a direct foreign air carrier. All air services arranged by CWI are provided exclusively by properly licensed and certified direct air carriers or direct foreign air carriers.


Protecting Your Data in Various Scenarios

CWI recognizes that various scenarios may arise that require specific data protection measures. In particular:

  • Data Security: CWI implements industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access. In the event of a website hack or data breach through our domain provider, CWI is committed to cooperating with relevant authorities and conducting thorough investigations to mitigate the impact on your data.

  • Data Sharing: CWI may share your data with authorized third parties, such as aircraft operators, only as necessary to arrange charter services. However, these third parties are bound by confidentiality agreements and data protection policies to ensure the security of your information.

  • Data Retention: Your data will be retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Notice or as required by law. Once data is no longer necessary, it will be securely disposed of to protect your privacy. 

To express any concerns about data protection. Please contact us at


Responsibility for Aircraft Operation

CWI does not assume any responsibility for acts, omissions, or legal matters pertaining to the operation of the specific aircraft sourced from the direct air carrier. All responsibility for the flight, its operation, and any associated legal ramifications lies solely with the direct air carrier and its operational team. In the event of any issues or disputes arising directly or indirectly from the operation of the aircraft, the Charterer acknowledges and agrees that all legal matters and claims will be directed solely to the Air Carrier of the aircraft in question. CWI shall not be held liable for any problems, disputes, or legal issues related to the operation of said aircraft, and the Charterer agrees to indemnify and hold CWI harmless in such circumstances. CWI acts as an intermediary in arranging charter services and connecting clients with reputable direct air carriers. We facilitate the charter process but do not take responsibility for the operational aspects of the flight or any issues that may arise during the charter.

Medical Charters and Air Ambulance Providers

Charter Worldwide Inc (CWI) is dedicated to the safety and well-being of our clients, particularly in the context of medical charters. We want to assure all our clients that:

  • All medical charters arranged by CWI are exclusively operated by registered Air Ambulance providers.

  • No medical charters will be hosted on aircraft that are not medically equipped, nor will they be operated by any entity that is not a registered Air Ambulance provider.

Our commitment to working exclusively with registered Air Ambulance providers ensures that all medical charters meet the highest standards of safety, medical care, and regulatory compliance. We understand the critical nature of medical charters and prioritize the well-being of our clients in all such operations.

This commitment is a reflection of our dedication to providing the best and safest air medical transportation services, and it provides peace of mind to our clients who require medical charters for critical situations.

Note: CWI's commitment to exclusively using registered Air Ambulance providers for medical charters is in line with our adherence to FAA and DOT regulations.


These terms and conditions govern the booking, operation, and payment for charter flights arranged by Charter Worldwide ("Charter Worldwide") on behalf of its clients ("Clients"). Throughout these terms and conditions, Charter Worldwide and Clients are collectively referred to as the "Parties," with each being an individual "Party."


These terms and conditions apply to all charter flights organized by Charter Worldwide for Clients and remain effective until terminated in writing by either Party in accordance with these terms and conditions. They do not constitute a commitment for any specific charter flight unless and until a confirmation of a quote for a charter flight ("Confirmation") is delivered to the Client by Charter Worldwide and accepted by the Client. Upon acceptance, the Parties are bound by and subject to these terms and conditions and any special provisions in the Confirmation.

The Client appoints Charter Worldwide as its agent to arrange transportation through a Charter Worldwide-approved entity, which provides air transportation and has operational control in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) and Department of Transportation (“DOT”) laws, rules, and regulations (referred to as a "Direct Air Carrier").


Pricing and incidental fees for flight charges will be based on estimated amounts quoted by Charter Worldwide for specific flights. Additional expenses, such as additional flight time, fuel surcharges, catering, ground transportation, flight phone/WiFi, hangar, de-icing, international fees, crew overnights, flight attendant, etc., will be the responsibility of the Client and may be added to the invoice or billed separately.


The Client shall pay all applicable taxes related to the operation of the aircraft for the chartered flight, including federal and state excise taxes, leg segment taxes, international departure and arrival taxes, and other fees imposed by governmental or airport authorities.


The Client shall provide Charter Worldwide with all credit information reasonably requested to secure the requested itinerary. The Client is required to prepay the entire quoted itinerary for a flight. Invoices for additional expenses not paid within ten (10) days of the invoice date shall be subject to interest and costs of collection. Prompt payment of undisputed amounts is required while differences related to the balance of an invoice are resolved.


Flights will be operated by a certified Direct Air Carrier licensed by the FAA with authority from the DOT, in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations (“FAR”) Part 135. The Direct Air Carrier maintains operational control at all times. If the Direct Air Carrier believes flight safety may be jeopardized, the flight may be terminated or refused without special liability. Client must inform Charter Worldwide of any passenger allergies, medical restrictions, and/or dietary needs at the time of Confirmation.


These terms and conditions are subject to all applicable rules, regulations, approvals, and certifications, including those by the DOT, FAA, and Transportation Security Administration. Passengers must provide government-issued photo identification acceptable to the Direct Air Carrier before boarding. Minors traveling internationally without both custodial parents require a notarized letter of authorization.


Charter Worldwide is an “Air Charter Broker” under DOT regulations, an Air Charter Broker acting as an Indirect Air Carrier to arrange flights on behalf of its clients. As a broker, Charter Worldwide does not operate aircraft. Prior to the flight, Charter Worldwide will provide the Client with the flight itinerary, tail number, legal name of the Direct Air Carrier, and any other relevant names in use. Charter Worldwide (CWI) explicitly disclaims any insurance coverage and stipulates that the primary and exclusive insurance policy is maintained by the operator. This policy supersedes any other insurance available from Charter Worldwide. The total liability for all damages, including associated claims, and losses due to bodily injury or property damage sustained by one or more passengers or organizations arising from any one occurrence shall be governed by the limits of liability specified in the operator's aircraft insurance policy.


Cancellation terms, including Client's obligations and associated fees, are outlined in the flight quote documentation provided to the Client by Charter Worldwide. Acknowledgment and acceptance of the specific cancellation policy are presumed upon Charter Worldwide’s receipt of the Confirmation.


The Client is liable for damage to the aircraft or property of the Direct Air Carrier caused by the Client or its representatives.


Charter Worldwide is not liable for delays, cancellations, or failures caused by government regulations, acts of God, weather conditions, terrorism, mechanical difficulties, or other reasons beyond its control. Charter Worldwide makes no representations or warranties beyond those expressly stated in these terms and conditions, disclaiming all other warranties.


Neither Party may assign its rights or obligations without the other Party's written consent. Charter Worldwide has the right to assign its rights and obligations in the event of a sale of its assets or equity interests. These terms and conditions apply to and are binding upon the Parties and their respective heirs, representatives, successors, and assigns. Approved Charter Worldwide vendors are certified by the FAA with DOT authority and operate in compliance with all relevant regulations and safety standards.

This Legal Page and Privacy Notice is designed to provide comprehensive protection in various scenarios. We encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding your data privacy, this Legal Page, or specific situations that may arise. Your continued use of our website and services signifies your acceptance of these terms.

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