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Plan Your Fourth of July Travel Wisely with Charter Worldwide before the flight delay and cancellations start

Air Charter, Medical Charter, flight delay and cancellation

If you're planning to travel over the Fourth of July, be ready for crowded airports. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened a record number of passengers in 2023, and those numbers are expected to be even higher in 2024. In fact, travel volumes in the first two months of 2024 were about 6% higher than during the same period in 2023, according to the TSA.

Given the anticipated surge in travelers, are some days better for air travel than others?

Save on Your Summer Travel in 2024

In 2024, July Fourth falls on a Thursday, which complicates predicting travel crowds. Will people take the following Friday off to enjoy a long weekend? Or will they use their vacation time for another holiday?

Here's some advice on booking July Fourth weekend air travel in 2024, how you might avoid the crowds, and potentially save on airfare.

The Best and Worst Days to Fly Around July Fourth Weekend

Are airports crowded on July Fourth? NerdWallet analyzed TSA data showing the number of passengers screened at U.S. checkpoints over the past three years, focusing on the seven days before and after July Fourth, to identify the busiest days to fly.

Air Charter, Medical Charter, flight delay and cancellation

The Worst Days to Fly: To avoid crowds, don't fly on the Friday before July Fourth. In each of the past three years, the Friday before July Fourth has been the busiest travel day before the holiday weekend. For post-holiday travel, the Sunday after ranks as the busiest day to fly.

The Best Days to Fly: Typically, July Fourth is the least busy day to fly. On July Fourth last year, airport crowds were just 70% of what they were on the busiest travel day, which was the Friday before July Fourth (June 30, 2023).

However, if you'd prefer to spend July Fourth celebrating rather than traveling, consider flying on Tuesday. The Tuesdays before and after the holiday are among the least busy travel days during the July Fourth week.

The rankings of best and worst days to fly for July Fourth follow year-round travel patterns. Generally, Fridays are the busiest day to fly, and Tuesdays are the least busy.

Impact of a Thursday Holiday on Long Weekends

This year, July Fourth falls on a Thursday, so people intending to travel for the holiday will likely take the next day, Friday, off to make a long weekend. But since few people are willing to travel on Independence Day, when will they actually fly?

The last time July Fourth fell on a Thursday was in 2019. Here's a look at travel crowds by day in 2019, ranked from most to least crowded:

  • Sunday after, July 7 (most crowded).

  • Monday after, July 8.

  • Friday before, June 28.

  • Thursday before, June 27.

  • Sunday before, June 30.

  • Thursday after, July 11.

  • Wednesday before, July 3.

  • Wednesday after, July 10.

  • Tuesday after, July 9.

  • Monday before, July 1.

  • Saturday before, June 29.

  • Tuesday before, July 2.

  • Saturday after, July 6.

  • Friday after, July 5.

  • Thursday, July Fourth (least crowded).

In 2019, July Fourth was the least busy day to fly. Meanwhile, July 5, the day after the holiday, was also not busy. This goes against the usual trend of Friday being the busiest travel day of the week. For July Fourth weekend travel, most people are already at their destinations by Friday.

Air Charter, Medical Charter, flight delay and cancellation

However, one day when airports are definitely crowded is the Sunday after July Fourth. Flying on this day will also cost you more. According to travel booking app Hopper's 2024 Travel Booking Hacks report, Sunday is the most expensive day to fly in the U.S., with airfares averaging 15% more than midweek departures.

A Smarter, Cheaper Fourth of July Travel Itinerary for 2024

Following typical July Fourth holiday travel patterns could mean higher costs and longer waits at the airport. Deviate from that schedule to find lighter crowds and better flight deals. Try these travel days instead:

Fly on July Fourth

If you don't mind traveling on the holiday, this day typically has the lightest air traffic. Choose early morning flights (between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m.) to reduce the risk of delays and still enjoy the festivities at your destination.

Embrace Saturday Travel

Rather than rushing out from work on Friday afternoon before the holiday, relax at home that evening and depart Saturday morning instead. This shift can mean traveling on one of the least crowded days of the July Fourth travel period.

The same applies for returning home. While it can be tempting to extend your trip as long as possible before returning to work on Monday, avoid the Sunday flight and fly home on Saturday instead. This gives you a day at home to rest and recover before the new workweek.

Fly on July 5

Though Friday is typically one of the most expensive days to fly year-round, that's unlikely to be the case this particular week. Another option is to fly home on July 5, allowing you to still spend the holiday at your destination. By returning on Friday, you'll have the full weekend to unwind before Monday.

A Story of Timely Assistance

Air Charter, Medical Charter, flight delay and cancellation

Consider the experience of Debra, who almost missed a family reunion due to a canceled flight. Last year, Debra had planned to spend the Fourth of July with her father, who was celebrating what turned out to be his last holiday with the family. Unfortunately, her commercial flight was canceled at the last minute, threatening to derail her plans. In a panic, she reached out to Charter Worldwide.

Check out Worldwide Airport Delays and Airport Status - FlightAware To see current up to date Airport delays and Cancellations

Within two hours of her call, we had arranged a private jet for Debra. She was able to take off and join her family in time for the celebrations. This timely intervention not only saved her holiday plans but also provided precious moments with her father that she would have otherwise missed.

Air Charter, Medical Charter, flight delay and cancellation

Avoid the Hassle with Charter Worldwide

Traveling during peak times can be stressful, especially with the risk of delays and cancellations. At Charter Worldwide, we understand the value of your time and the importance of being with your loved ones. If you experience a cancellation, don't hesitate to contact us immediately. We may have empty legs available going in your direction. While the cost of private charter flights is not the same as commercial airlines, consider what you are willing to allocate to ensure you don't miss out on cherished moments and celebrations.

For more information or to book your flight, visit Charter Worldwide's website or give us a call. Make this Fourth of July a smooth and memorable one with the assurance that we’ve got your travel needs covered.

Air Charter, Medical Charter, flight delay and cancellation


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